Who We Are

Growing Families is a global com-munity of parents linked together by common values, beliefs and noble outcomes. Defined by an unwavering commitment to create for children a world of love, innocence, security and fairness, the Growing Families community views parenting as a sacred trust, established by God for the welfare of children and society.

News and Notes:

Domain Name: GFI.org Retired

In 1992, there were 15,000 registered domain names in use. Back then, most companies and organizations established their Internet identity with the use of their initials—GFI.org was one of those original domain names. At the time, using your company’s initials made sense. They were short, convenient, easy to type and easy to remember. Read More Here -->









Now Available


The Parenting from The Tree of Life Leader’s Guide is now available and being offered at an incredible low introductory price of $13.95 

The new, comprehensive Leader's Guide parallels the Life Series Combined Book (Parts 1-2-3) page for page and contains all the supportive resources class facilitators have been asking for: This includes: questions for discussion (with answers), scripture references, suggestions for practical at home applications, family activities, lesson-specific email templates for weekly class follow-up, and much more. Read about the additional resources --> here.