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Growing Families International is a global community of parents linked together by common values, beliefs and noble outcomes. Defined by an unwavering commitment to create for children a world of love, innocence, security and fairness, the Growing Families community views parenting as a sacred trust, established by God for the welfare of children and society.



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An end of an era! 
Times are changing and so are we.

With new technology comes change. It is not surprising that communication mediums that were once a common household item are suddenly classified as obsolete. DVDs and DVD players are a prime example. It appears they too are going the way of its predecessor—the larger, bulkier, VHS tapes.  

With that in mind, the corporate/ministry challenge is figuring out what transfer medium can help bridge the transition between old (DVDs), and the future (streaming and downloading of content). While the Growing Families’ curriculum will soon be available for downloading and streaming, we also realize many within our constituency find an advantage to owning some type of “physical” product. If not a DVD, then what?

We are pleased to announce that in the very near future (after all our DVD stocks are exhausted), that GFI will provide all teaching curriculums on “Flash-drives, (aka: Thumb-drives, USB Sticks, or Pendrives). A Flash-drive has multi-media flexibility that DVDs do not. Content can be viewed on computers (Mac or PC), or inserted directly into a TV USB port. Flash-drives can be used on most Roku and Apple TV players with outstanding viewing quality. 

While downloading and streaming video content is the future for world markets, flash-drives are a great transitional step in that direction. We wanted to alert our customers that in the near future, they will begin to see "Flash-drives" appearing in the GFI bookstore.