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Growing Families International is a global community of parents linked together by common values, beliefs and noble outcomes. Defined by an unwavering commitment to create for children a world of love, innocence, security and fairness, the Growing Families community views parenting as a sacred trust, established by God for the welfare of children and society.

















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2018 National Family and Leadership Conference

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Protecting the Innocence of Childhood

How to Safeguard Your Child from Sexual Knowledge Overload

Formerly Reflections of Moral Innocence, this new revised and updated edition was produced specifically for those parents who are unwilling to allow outside voices the freedom to dictate what sexual knowledge their children will hear, how they will hear it, and when they hear it. Any strategy to help children develop healthy and protective attitudes relating to their future generative powers, requires sexual knowledge to be transferred: 

  1. Gradually, 
  2. Sequentially, (line upon line, precept upon precept) 
  3. Subject to the child’s moral, emotional and intellectual age and capacity. 

These are three good reasons why this specific area of training cannot be satisfied by a book, given over to the schools or transferred to youth-group leader. Only parents can create the right home environment conducive to satisfying the three learning criteria.

Protecting the Innocence of Childhood is a four part DVD series that can help any parent effectively communicate sexual knowledge to their children, in a timely manner, without overwhelming a child’s senses, or undervaluing his or her emotions. (Continue to monitor this page for updates.) 

 The new, updated and expanded 5-Part DVD Series: 

Life in the Middle-Years
Parenting Your Eight to Twelve Year Old

Released in 1995, the original DVD series Parenting the Middle Years, spoke to a very receptive audience of mothers and fathers eager to learn about the next phase of their parenting journey. They had concerns about peer influence, media programming, the pop music culture and the moral decline of the society. They came to class each week wanting to know how protect their children from influences that ran contrary to their beliefs and values.  

Fast-forward to the present. Today, parents are equally concerned about peer pressure, media programming and negative influences within the pop culture. And who is not concerned about the present moral decline of the society and the pressure that puts on mothers and fathers who still believe in right and wrong, good, better and best? 

However, there is a difference between the two generations. While the fears and concerns parents faced 20 years ago were very legitimate, they pale compared to the multiple challenges that come with parenting in the digital age.  

The updated edition is significantly expanded in all related topics, plus two new teaching segments. The first includes practical strategies for meeting the challenges that come with informational technologies and all those electronic gadgets that will be part of your child's life and yours. Life in the Middle Years, simplifies the challenges that come with the digital age. 

Also including is a comprehensive presentation relating to speaking to a middle-years son or daughter about his or her changing body. Knowing how and when to communicate sexual knowledge, without providing too much information or too little, is more critical now than any other time of society’s history. Parents will find this section a welcome friend, when the time comes to have the “Talk” with their son or daughter.  

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