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On Becoming Babywise (Birth to 5 Months)

On Becoming Babywise gained national and international recognition for its immensely sensible approach to nurturing a newborn. The infant management plan offered by Ezzo and Bucknam successfully and naturally helps infants synchronize their feeding, waketime and nighttime sleep cycles. The results? You have a happy, healthy and contented baby who will begin sleeping through the night on average between seven and nine weeks-of-age. 

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On Becoming Babywise II (5 to 12 Months)

Babywise II provides the practical side of introducing solid foods, managing mealtimes, nap transitions, traveling with your infant, setting reasonable limits while encouraging healthy exploration and much more. Parents learn how to teach their baby basic sign language, a tool proven to help stimulate cognitive growth and advance communication.

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On Becoming Pretoddlerwise (12-18 Months)

The period between 12 and 16 months places a child on a one-way bridge to the future. Infancy is a thing of the past and toddlerhood is straight ahead. A baby still? Not really, but neither is he a toddler, and that is the key to understanding this phase of growth. It is a period of great exchange: baby food is exchanged for table food; the highchair for booster seat; finger feeding is replaced with spoon; babbling sounds will transition to speaking; the first unsteady steps are conquered by strides of confidence. On Becoming Pretoddlerwise will help any parent acquire useful knowledge that will prepare them for this next great transition in their child's life. 

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On Becoming Toddlerwise (18-36 Months)

The toddler years are learning fields and you need a trustworthy guide to take you through the unfolding maze of your child’s developing world. On Becoming Toddlerwise is a tool chest of workable strategies and ideas that multiply your child’s learning opportunities in a loving and nurturing way. This resource is as practical as it is informative.

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On Becoming Preschoolwise (3-4 Years)

Gary Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam once again bring their collective wisdom, experience, and insight to bear on this critical phase of preschool training. From teaching about the importance of play to learning how to prepare a preschooler for the first day of school, from organizing your child’s week to understanding childhood fears and calming parental anxiety; sound advice and practical application await the reader. 

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On Becoming Childwise  (4-8 Years)

Equip yourself with 15 practical principles for training kids in the art of living happily among family and friends. Foster the safe, secure growth of your child’s self-concept and worldview. On Becoming Childwise shows you how to raise emotionally-balanced, intellectually-assertive and morally-sensible children. It is the essential guidebook for the adventurous years from post-toddler to grade-schooler!  

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On Becoming Preteenwise (8-12 Years)

The middle years, eight to twelve years of age, are perhaps the most significant attitude-forming period in the life of a child. It is during this time that the roots of moral character are established. From the foundation that is formed, healthy or not-so-healthy family relationships will be built. These are the years when patterns of behavior are firmly established—patterns that will impact your parent-child relationship for decades to come. Rightly meeting the small challenges of the middle years significantly reduces the likelihood of big challenges in the teen years. 

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On Becoming Teenwise (13-19 Years)

Why do teenagers rebel? Is it due to hormones, suppressed primal desires to stake out their own domain, or a natural and predictable process of growth? To what extent do parents encourage or discourage the storm and stress of adolescence? On Becoming Teenwise looks at the many factors that make living with a teenager a blessing or a curse. It exposes the notions of secular myth and brings to light the proven how-to applications of building and maintaining healthy relationships with your teens. Whether you worry about your teen and dating or your teen and drugs, the principles of On Becoming Teenwise are appropriate and applicable for both extremes and everyone in-between. They do work! 

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