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Parenting from The Tree of Life 
(Spanish Edition Workbooks - Parts 1-2-3 Now Available - See Below)

 Life Series ~ DVDs (Parts 1-2-3) 

The Life Series is comprised of three major teaching themes: 

Part One: Life, Children and Relationships (Six Sessions)
Part Two: Life, Children and Character (Six Sessions)
Part Three: Life Children, Encouragement and Correction (Five Sessions)

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Parenting from The Tree of Life

 Life Series ~ Comprehensive Workbook
(Parts 1-2-3)

Part One: Life, Children and Relationships
Part Two: Life, Children and Character Development
Part Three: Life, Children, Encouragement and Correction 

A detailed description of Parts 1-2-3 can be found under the individual titles above.

Order: 2502 Combined Workbook $18.95  

Parenting from The Tree of Life Series

The Life Series Leader’s Guide is a must-have resource for anyone leading Parenting from The Tree of Life classes. The Leader's Guide parallels the Life Series Combined Book (Parts 1-2-3) page for page and contains all the supportive resources class facilitators have been asking for: They include questions for discussion (with answers), scripture references, and suggestions for practical at home applications and activities. Read full description HERE

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Spanish/Life Series

Parenting from The Tree of Life
Spanish Edition Workbooks (Parts 1-2-3) 

The Spanish edition Life Series workbooks, (Parts 1-2-3) are now available and made possible by our ministry associates OneFamily/Headwaters Life.  Each workbook is an exact duplicate of the original English version. The Spanish edition is great for mixed English/Spanish classes, English as a second language classes, and for those who teach the Life Series Principles on mission trips. (Dubbed DVD versions for Parts 1-2-3 and audio download are in the process of completion.)

To Order the Spanish Editions Life Series Workbooks:

Workbook One: Life, Children and Relationships - Here
Workbook Two: Life, Children and Character - Here
Workbook Three: Life, Children Encouragement and Correction - Here

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Growing Kids God's Way

(Parenting with a God-Centered Purpose)

17 Session DVD/Comprehensive Workbook

Originally released in 1986 and updated in 1996, the Growing Kids God’s Way Series 5th edition, (DVDs and Worbook) was the first major parenting curriculum written for the Christian community, and has since served over two million households. While the years have passed away, and fashions have changed, the principles contained within remain timeless. Growing Kids God’s Way continues to provide parents hope, encouragement and practical instruction in their duty of raising morally responsible and biblically responsive children. The curriculum serves parents of preschoolers through the middle years. 

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Growing Kids God's Way LEADER'S Guide

The Growing Kids God’s Way Leader’s Guide contains numerous tools and resources to help class facilitators maximize their time and relational investment. With this workbook in hand, we trust every leader-couple will find their discipling experience richer and more meaningful as they serve other parents with a life giving message. In terms of content, the Leader’s Guide parallels the Growing Kids God’s Way student text, page for page. The Leader’s section is located at the end of each chapter, highlighted by the gray side tabs. Leader's Guide contains all outline and study question answers; provides discussion topics, scripture references, and additional leader's notes.

Order: 3805 Leaders Guide $19.95