The "Leader Support Page" provides a variety of resources for those facilitating GFI related curricula. On this page and the related links, leaders will find two resource categories: general and specific.

General Categories are those resources that apply to all curricula and include:

  • Where to Begin as a Class Facilator
  • Outline of the Age-Related Curriculum 
  • Commonly Used Class Forms
  • Class Activities for Before and After DVD Presentation

Specific Categories begins with a contrast between the New Life Series and Growing Kids God's Way. This include:

  • New Parenting From the Tree of Life Leader's Guide Available: Read more --> HERE.
  • Topical Index Comparison Between Growing Kids God’s Way and the Life Series
  • Specific Lesson Support noted in the Growing Kids God’s Way workbook

Leaders will also find specific lesson support for Growing Kids God's Way noted in the GKGW Leader's Guide. 


While each mentoring couple will tailor their particular strengths to the unique needs of their class, there are some fundamentals leadership principles common to all small groups. Exercising hospitality is the first among them all. Creating a warm, receptive, non-judgmental environment, where class members feel welcome, and sufficiently comfortable to be an active participant and not just a spectator, should be a priority for all mentoring couples. 

To help with this, we encourage our leader couples to take a few moments and watch the 22-minute "Leader's Place" DVD. Whether a seasoned veteran of small groups or just starting out, the fundamental principles of hospitality can make the leader's mentoring experience rewarding, satisfying and productive and will help their participating parents walk away with a sense of understanding, belonging and empowerment. We our confident, that after watching the presentation, you will be equipped to begin your small group mentoring journey. 

Learning What Classes for What Age Group

One helpful download is the Growing Families "Age-Related Curriculum" chart highlighting which classes parents should enter based on the ages of their children and the three stages of parenting. 

More Suggestions for a Successful Class

As a complement to the DVD presentation above, we are providing some addition suggestions for a productive class experience. Review the various optional "Class Forms" found below. The "general forms" are in a basic format and adaptable for the end user. 

                                     Click and Download

Class Activities before DVD presentation should include:

1.  Ask how previous week principles were applied during the week

2. Answer any questions tied to the previous week's reading assignment.

Class Activities after DVD presentation include:
1. Upon completion of the DVD presentation, we recommend class leaders ask each participant, “What one or two thoughts or principles are you "taking-away" from tonight’s lesson?” When leaders are consistent with this, the class members actually become more attentive in the presentation, knowing the "take away" question will be asked of them. 

(Class leaders should make note of these answers because they become a great conversational starting point for the following week’s visit. For example, Kara responded to the question in Visit Three when stating: “I really appreciated being reminded of the importance of my personal quiet time.” When the class meets again, you might ask: “Kara, how did you do this week with your personal devotions?” The more you are able to reach back to their personal comments, the more conversational the entire class becomes.)

2. Reading through any summary check point that you believe should be given additional attention based on the unique needs of our class.

3.  Answer class questions relating to the presentation.

4.  If you are asked a question that you do not feel comfortable answering or are not sure what the answer might be, let your class know that you will direct that specific question to GFI and hopefully will be able to give a response within a weeks time. (Since there are thousands of parents sitting in GFI classes, at any given time, our office can only take questions from GFI Leaders and not class participants.) Please direct questions to GFI Ministry Support.

5.  The Life Series Leader's Guide provides additional class participant follow-up resources. 

Specific Categories: Contrasting Parenting From the Tree of Life with Growing Kids God's Way

One of the most common questions received from constituents looking to purchase Parenting from the Tree of Life is how it compares to Growing Kids God’s Way. Is one more in-depth then the other? The answer to that question is "No." However, the Life Series is far more comprehensive when it comes subject matter. It not only includes all the principle components of Growing Kids God's Way, but adds another 60% to 70% new and updated parenting concepts to the presentation. It is also more comprehensive in its use of imagery and examples. While Growing Kids has seventeen visual examples the Life Series utilizes nearly 200 hundred images, graphics and visual examples to illustrate the principles taught. For those interested in specific differences between the two curriculums please follow the links below: 

Find a general structural contrast between the two curriculums here.
Find a subject comparison and cross reference between the two curriculums here.

Specific Lesson Support for Growing Kids God's Way

A special note to those currently facilitating a Growing Kids's Gods Way small group: For those leaders looking for the various "class support" items reference on page 7 of the Growing Kids God's Way Leader's Guide, please know that not all items are available in their original format. Some handouts were discontinued with the release of the new Life Series curriculum. Here is a list of changes to be aware of.

Regarding Category, General Ministry Mechanics:  Items 1-3 relating to leading a small group were included below in the GFI Leader's Place video. Item 4, GKGW Chapter Summaries can be found here.  

Regarding Class Forms: All pertinent forms for a successful class experience are found in the download section on this page. Any additional forms needed should be tailored by the class leader for their specific needs.  

Regarding Lesson Support and Student Handouts: The items supported on this site include the various Touchpoint Test for Adults and Children, (found in the Parent Support section.) All other student handouts referenced in the Lesson Support and Student Handout subsection of the GKGW Leader's Guide were discontinued over time and no longer available. Here again, class leaders are encouraged to develop any additional teaching aids that will accommodate the unique needs of their class participants.

Regarding Appendices from earlier editions: Most appendices from previous Growing Kids editions were merged within the Growing Kids curriculum itself or in articles found on this site. Search by typing in the key words. Please note, some of the original appendices require updates, and will not be available until the updates are complete. 

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