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Christian Family Heritage (CFH) - Christian Family Heritage is a non-profit ministry established to encourage and support families in the principles taught in the Growing Families International materials.This resources include volunteers who serve as certified Contact Moms, leaders of local area GEMS® Fellowship Groups, and our audio CD & .mp3 library made possible solely on the tax-deductible donations of those who have been helped through this ministry.  

OneFamily: Anchored by GFI curriculum, OneFamily was created to provide sustainable encouragement and support to help parents and families thrive – One Family at a time.  In addition to emailing out daily thought provoking quotes and a weekly letter of practical advice, OneFamily also provides materials, programs and events to encourage men and women to be proactive in the growth and development of their marriages and parenting. For more information, please visit our website or contact Shelly Howard. 

Mom's Notes: The Mom's Notes presentations give practical application (for all ages of children) to the principles learned in the GFI parenting curriculum. The 40 Mom's Notes presentations, written by Joey and Carla Link, cover most of the topics and principles taught in the Growing Kids God's Way series. Topics include: understanding 'first-time obedience', transferring ownership to your children, being 'wise in their own eyes', building healthy family identity, understanding character training, temperaments and the 'besetting sins' of each, and much more.

The Miracle Books: A wonderful presentation relating to protecting your child's moral innocence, while sufficiently educating your daughters and sons on matters pertaining to the changing bodies. The books that make up this series, have been carefully written, and beautifully illustrated to facilitate that often-skirted discussion and to ease your child into a wholesome first awareness.   You can purchase these at their website:

Alimenta Mis Ovejas: GKGW DVD Series in Spanish. Phone: (817) 265-0715 

Worldview Matters: Assumptions that Affect Our Lives: Providing materials and training sessions on the subject of a biblical worldview, to make a difference in the way people live, by making a difference in the way people think. This excellent resource is available at this site or please call (425) 702-9741.

International Ministry Hubs

Listed below are the International and Communities with active websites, set up to help parents with resources and find which curricula and classes that may be available. If your community or country is not listed below, and you are seeking more information than this website provides, please contact ministry support.  Please provide your name, city, state and zip code and class you are inquiring about. Thank you.

Australia & New Zealand

Growing Families Australia
Andy and Robyn Hamdorf
PO Box 824
Happy Valley, SA 5159  Australia

Web Site:
Phone: 61 8 8322 3770 


Pastor Dinart & Norma Barradas
Universidade da Família - GFI Brasil
Caixa Postal Pompéia - SP Brazil 17580-000

Telefone (14) 3405-8500


Parasource Marketing & Distribution                              formerly David C. Cook Distribution Canada
PO Box 98, 55 Woodslee Ave.
Paris, ON
Canada N3L 3E5

Web Site:
Phone: (800) 263-2664

Ministry Support Growing Families Canada

Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Ute and Juergen Hug
Birkenweg 14
71254 Ditzingen

Web Site:
Phone 07152 / 611 828


US Ministry Hubs

Click on the city below or the Facebook Page if one is listed

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China

Dorcas Li
970 Toa Payoh North #07-04
Singapore 318992

Phone: +65-9661 7747

South Africa

Allan and Gabi Dixon
PO Box 642
Simon's Town, Western Cape
South Africa 7995
Phone: 27 084 462 4879

United Kingdom

Christian Education Europe
Arthur and Vivienne Roderick
Unit 5, Northford Close
Swindon, Wiltshire
England SN 6 8 H L
Phone: 44 1793 783 783
Fax: 44 1793 783 775

Zimbabwe, Africa

Leslie Hobbs
C/O 81 Lomagundi Road, Avondale West, Harare, Zimbabwe
PO Box EH 165, Emerald Hill, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 (4) 302451
Fax: +263 (4) 334104

Support Ministries and Blogs  Christian Family Heritage is a non-profit ministry established to encourage and support families in the principles taught in the Growing Families International materials.  Our services and resources include our extensive blogs on a variety of parenting topies, our volunteer group of certified Contact Moms, local area GEMS® Fellowship Groups, and our audio CD & .mp3 library made possible solely on the tax-deductible donations of those who have been helped and desire to establish a Christian family heritage for future generations. Joey and Carla Link are known for making parenting practical. They have a unique and fresh understanding how to make biblical principles work in the lives of parents and children. They are the authors of the book, Why Can’t I Get My Kids to Behave? and over 40 Mom’s Notes presentations which provides practical application to the principles shared in the GFI parenting curriculums. Here you will find blog posts dealing with parenting topics of interest, including posts that share how to take a specific Scripture verse and teach it to children. A bookstore with over 200 resources for parents and children of all ages is on this site as well as their traveling schedule. What’s different about this bookstore? All the books have been pre-read, are biblical in their foundation and are consistent with the teaching found in GFI material in their content. It is well worth your time to check this site out! A voice of truth and clarification. In a day and age when all matters of truth are viewed as relative commodities, effective leadership, built on principle, will always be tested by criticism. With more than eight million parents and twice as many children influenced by the Ezzos values-based teaching, there will always be a critic or a cynic here and there. separates fact from fiction, and truth from error, when it come to the voices of those who criticize value-based parenting. It not only provides independent responses to criticisms, but also provides character profiles of the many critics. The "" blog and podcast encourages, equips, and challenges men to be the leaders of their families, lovers of their wives, and examples to their children. Daddy Life also provides parents with detailed advice on Internet and technology safety.

Pastor Joe Barlow: Perspective, devotional and practical

When Blessings Come Five at a Time: Meet the Shier quints and their amazing parents.

Changing the World One Trillion Cells at at Time: A wellness resource for body, soul and spirit.

Low Country Christian School

Family Life Community School


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