The "Class Support for Parents" serves class participants in two ways. First, the links below lead to a variety of downloadable worksheets and handout references in the DVD presentations. The handouts are grouped according to specific curricula. 

Second, Growing Families is constantly publishing new materials, expanding concepts, and updating curriculum. Any major changes or additions will be found on this page. The “Class Support for Leaders” page, has more resources designed to help those leading and facilitating the various Growing Families classes and small groups. While designed for class leaders, there are some handouts that a student might wish to take advantage of. Please check them out and use what you need.  

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Preparation for Parenting/Babywise

Healthy Baby Growth Charts

Babywise Nap App Preview

Babywise Nap App Purchase*  

*Available on iTunes and Market Place, Key word: Babywise Nap. (An analysis tool that can help any parent isolate the underlying cause of nap disruption and sleep disturbances for infant between two to twelve months of age. Babywise Nap App for iPhone and Android.) 

Toddlerhood Transition:

Family Activity Planner (Word Doc)

Children's Activity Planner (Word Doc)

Daily Activity Planner (Word Doc)

Weekly Activity Planner (Word Doc) View and Download

Toddler Discipline Flow Chart (.pdf) View and Download

Growing Kids God's Way:

TouchPoint Profile Adult

TouchPoint Profile Children (Word Doc) 

Life Series Part One: Life, Children and Relationships

Virtue and Vice Comparison

TouchPoint Profile Adult** (Word Doc)

*Note: There is a difference in the two presentations. GKGW presents five emotional languages, The Life Series presents six emotional languages.  

**Note: There is no Life Series, TouchPoint profile test for children, since TouchPoint six (Thoughtfulness), is an advanced virtue that matures during the teen years. Please use the GKGW TouchPoint Test for children.

Life Series Part Two: Life, Children and Character

Basic Mealtime Manners "Do Not" List

Life Series Part Three: Life, Children, Encouragement & Correction

Discipline Flow Chart:  View & print a color copy here.

Life In The Middle Years:

Virtue and Vice Comparison

General Parenting Helps:

Family Core Values Sample