What are you doing after the conference?

Post-Conference Activities at Lake Williamson

The GFI National Conference officially concludes with lunch on Saturday, August 5, 2017. Rooms and RV sites must be vacated by 3:00 pm.

However, many families (including the Youngs and Ezzos) are planing to add an additional night's stay before heading home. To help facilitate the needs of those desiring to stay through Sunday morning, the Lake Williamson Conference Center is offering GFI families a pro-rated hotel and RV pricing, which includes Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.   

Because the extra night's lodging and meals are in addition to the National Conference time, we need to create a second record for those staying over and thus, a second sign-up registration. This will help us with our record keeping and help the Conference Center staff plan accordingly.

You will find the cost breakdown for the extra night's lodging and two meals below. To Post-Conference sign-up form can be found HERE. (Please note, you do not have to sign-up for the post-conference extended stay when registering for the conference, however we are asking that you finalize your plans by July 21, 2017.) 

Please direct Post-Conference related questions to Lori Moore-lmoore@gfius.org.

Post-Conference Details/Registration Link

                                      Motel Style       RV Hookup

Adult                       $42.00 per adult    $22.00 per adult

Teen: 13 - 19 yrs.     $32.00 per teen     $22.00 per teen

Child: 6-12 yrs.        $22.00 per child     $12.00 per child

Preschool: 2-5 yrs.   $12.00 per child     $12.00 per child

Infants-23 months    $ 0.00 per child      $0.00 per child

Your Post-Conference Registration form can be found --> HERE