Potty Training 1-2-3 (Complete Presentation) 
Potty training doesn’t have to be complicated—and neither does a resource that explains it. While we can not make any promises, we can tell you that many of the moms we work with achieve the potty training success they hope for in a day or two. What made Potty Training 1-2-3 work for these moms is the combination of right timing, right method, and right motivation. Take a look. 

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Can Parents Control all Outcomes?
While parents cannot control all influences and outcomes of their children’s lives, then can control what type of home environment they create for their children.




Seven Death Concepts to Avoid
True civility not only encourages proper speech, but discourage inappropriate words and gestures. Here are seven “death” concepts that every child needs to understand and avoid. 




The First Law of Correction
In childhood, there are two realms of wrong. The first speaks of unintentional and non-malicious mistakes associated with a child’s age and lack of understanding, the second realm is where a child knowingly and intentionally chooses to act in defiance without regard to consequence or injury to self or others. What are these two realms called and what is the appropriate correction for each one?

Challenges Unique to Mothers Working Outside the Home
For some moms, working outside the home also create emotional stresses in the form of doubt, guilt or questions. You might look at your various roles and wonder as a wife, “Am I neglecting my husband?” As a mom, “Am I neglecting my children?” What can help Mom and the Family during seasons of employment outside the home.


Managing Your Child's Emotions
When parents over react to a child's momentary out-of-control emotions, parents are only reinforcing the very responses they hope to eliminate. Learning how to manage your child's emotions is better than simply reacting to them emotionally. 

The Purpose of Rules and Restrictions
Rules and regulations is part of everyone's life. But when it comes to obedience training and children are rules and restriction put in place to prevent children from having fun, or to ensure that they will have fun, while being safe and considerate of others.



Respecting the Property of Others
The duty of every parent is to instill a high degree of respect for the property rights of others. That process begins by respecting the person. The object of ownership is not the basis of respect; the owner is. The object is merely the target of respect.



An Introduction to “Why?”
"Why?" is part of everyone's life. Knowing "Why" something is done is not the same as knowing "How" it is done. But "How" something is done only has value when you know the "Why" behind it.