Parenting From the Tree of Life ~ Part Three     

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Part Three of The Life Series takes up the challenges associated with age-appropriate correction. The authors view correction as an expression of love—a way of rescuing children from decisions made out of their immaturity, from their lack of wisdom, and sometimes from those moments when they choose wrong over right, and disobedience over obedience. However, the corrective side of training is not all about fixing undesirable or wayward behavior, parents must also pay attention to the preventative components of training that reduces the amount of correction needed in the first place. Proactively encouraging behaviors that help children stay on track is indeed a wiser and more effective strategy than simply reacting in a moment of crisis when trying to fix an unwelcomed behavior takes center stage. Yet, there is truth in the cliché, “Children will be children” and that is why correction will be necessary along the way. What will that correction look like? What are suitable corrective options? What role does restoration play in the process? How does a parent know if they are punishing too little or too much? These and many more questions come into focus in Part Three of The Life Series.


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