Offered as a free online resource, the Growing Families video library consists of short teaching segments taken from the various curriculums and arranged topically for easy reference. New segments are continually being added, so please keep checking back for updates. By offering the segments in this venue, our intent is not to detract from, or diminish the importance of the small group class setting (which is the engine that continues to drive the ministry), but to provide a supplemental resource for parents interested in specific child training topics. 

A summary of all videos contained in each of the ten categories below can be found here. You can also type your key word in the "Search" box above. Please note, some video illustrations might be found in more than one category. The ten categories include: 

  1. Popular Segments - Often Used For Class Promotion*

  2. Nifty Ideas and Practical Training Tips

  3. Children, Character Development and Moral Education

  4. Most Common Mistakes Parents Make - What Not to Do!

  5. Life Series Lesson Support Relating to Unique Discipline Issues

  6. Newborns and Babies - How do I . . .?  (Step by step explanation on related topics)

  7. Infant - Toddler - Challenges and Fixes 

  8. Relating to Fathers

  9. Relating to Marriage

  10. Relating to General Parenting

*DOWNLOADS: For churches and schools seeking to use any video segment for the promotion of a Growing Families course, or used in conjunction with an educational illustration, sermon messages, or in conjunction with special celebrations such as "Mother's Day," "Father's Day," or any Holiday event, please contact us with your specific request, the purpose for which the download segment will be used, the name of the entity/church responsible for the download, and the anticipated date of use. Upon approval, Growing Families will provide a temporary password to download the segment requested. Downloads cannot be used for individual or personal promotions or broadcast purposes, stored, shared, or distributed through the internet, or copied and distributed in any digital format. Such activity is strictly prohibited. All downloaded content is subject to copyright laws.