Frightening Statistics of Childhood
Childhood should be the most precious time of life. However, what if parental guidance is lacking or has misplaced priorities? What might become of the child? What is happening to our children on their way to Adulthood? Can parents really make a difference?

Hey Mom 
For every child and every family, the name "Mom" will leave it's legacy. What will this name come to mean to your children?

Images from the Journey of Motherhood
This short narrative traces the many phases of a motherhood, from life with an infant through great-grandparenting. It is a journey every mother can relate to.

Getting Ready to Become a Dad  
The joy and excitement of fatherhood can be traced to setting up the nursery. 

Are you Listening to Me?
Classic example of the Repeating and Threatening Parent and where it leads.






Who is Shaping Your Child's Identity? 
What outside influences are shaping your child's identity? Sometimes you only have to listen to who your children imitate to discover who is having the greatest impact on their identity. Are they being influence more by the culture of death, or life?


What Expectations do you Have for Your Spouse?
If as a couple, you do not define and agree ahead of time what a “helping hand” looks like around the house, then it is easy to default to what you saw your parents do for each other. For some, this might be good, for others not so good, especially if one had a mother or father who did everything. If that was the case, your home might look like this.  

Cell Phone Etiquette
Taking calls or checking text messages while engaged in a face-to-face conversation is, to say the least. . . rude! Cell phones are here to stay, and fortunately, so are a host of cell phone protocols governing their use.




Creating a Life Giving Home Environment
What does it mean and what might that look like in our home?

Where Does Life Begin? 
A beautiful chalk art presentation demonstrating the source of all Life and God’s purpose for the family.

Psalm 139 
Set to music and stirring images is one of the most cited passages of Scripture. Psalm 139 speaks to God's personal knowledge of every person, past, present and future.

The same God, same message, same words, but two different perspectives relating to what God is saying and what God has already said.