Parking Lot Safety and Children
Keeping our children safe should be a priority concern for parents. Explained in this presentation is a practical way to insure a child’s safety in busy places when Mom or Dads attention might momentarily be redirected. 

Self Control Training 
How many times have you tried to slow your little “speedster” down with phrases such as “calm down,” “stop fidgeting,” “sit still,” only to discover it lasts about a millisecond? What does settle down look like to a toddler?


“Use Your Words”
When your toddler or preschooler is asking for something by pointing, grunting or whining, there is something parents can do in that moment that will encourage the child to ask for things appropriately. 

Giving Instruction and Getting Your Child's Attention
Parents experience more frustration at times of instruction than in any other single activity in parenting. Why is this? Because it is at the point of instruction that children decide to comply or not comply. Here is how you encourage compliance when giving instructions.

Traveling with Toddlers Through Time Zones 
How do parents maintain a child's routine when traveling through a number of time zones? Here is how to do it. 


Teaching Children the Three Voice Levels
You are home with a visitor in the middle of a conversation, when sudden your child begins shouting questions to you from another room. Shouting room to room is discourteous and disrespectful, but it can be curbed when children understand how and when to use the appropriate voice at the appropriate time. 


Teaching Your Baby Sign Language
This is a wonderful way to bridge the season of your baby’s life between vocabulary comprehension and the spoken word. So often, a one-year old sitting in a highchair will become frustrated and begin to scream out of the lack of ability to communicate. While screaming is a form of communication, there is a better alternative.

Teaching Toddlers to Put Their Toys Away
Teaching a toddler to put his or her toys away when playtime is over can be challenging, but there are a few things parents can do to help their little ones acquire the "good" habit of cleaning up after playtime. 

De-Binking the Binky 
It's time. . . the pacifier has to go. Please understand that while your child will not experience any emotional setbacks when the pacifier is finally removed, you, the parent, might end up in therapy over this battle! Making the pacifier less appealing is the place to begin.

Getting Toddler Ready for a New Sibling
Preparing a toddler to welcome a sibling into the family seems to be a bigger concern for parents today than years gone by. We trust the following suggestions will help Mom, Dad and their child make a smooth transition.

The Crib to Bed Transition
This is a natural transition that children have made ever since the first bed was created. When can it be done, and what do parents need to consider in order to make it happen?