Feeling Overwhelmed with a New Baby

C-Section Challenges and Changes: Rhett and Mom at one week.

C-Section- Needing Help

The Effect of Cumulative Fatigue

Chronic Postpartum Fatigue

Over Stimulating New Born During Wake-times

Getting Baby Back On Routine After Vacation

Eight Month Old Standing Up in Crib But Doesn't Know How to Get Back Down: Connie shares what to do.

Pre-toddler and Toddler

High Chair Challenges and Warnings: Highchair challenges will require correction and realignment, which are all part of proactive and purposeful training. To neglect such timely training is to increase the times of conflict. 

Crying Pretoddler and the Church Nursery 
Your ten month old has been doing fine when dropped off at the church nursery. Suddenly, one week she fights leaving Mom or Dad's side. Is this what they call “Separation Anxiety” or is something else at play?




Eleven Month Old Suddenly Waking at Night







Managing Your Toddlers-Preschooler's Disappointment





Playpen Challenges and the Use of a Timer

Biting in the Church Nursery
Child biting is troublesome because it affects more than just the victims. It affects both sets of parents. Parents of the biter are often ashamed and frustrated over their child’s aggression. Parents of the victim are often angered by the behavior. What can and should a parent do?

When the Dog's Food is More Interesting Than Your Pretoddler's Toys
Understanding the training concepts of Substitution and Suppression.

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