Getting Ready to Become a Dad
Getting ready to become a Dad, a new journey begins. A relationship filled with touch means there are no barriers, no private spaces. Touch among family members communicates a quality of intimacy that the other senses cannot achieve. For Dads, it all begins on day one. 


The Touch Signature of a Father
The sensory messages children acquire from their parents, affect what they think and how they feel and, eventually, what they think and feel, will influence how they live. A father's tender touch is underestimated in modern parenting. It is powerful, persuasive, and life changing.

Most Important Job a Father Has 
Rich Young speaks to dads about their priorities at home and the most important job they have.  



Mimic versus Imitating and a Fathers Influence
A father’s influence grows exponentially during the toddler years as a child's ability to imitate takes over the child's ability to mimic. But children can only imitate the fatherly example in front of them.


A father's love communicated through the Five-Senses
Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing are the five senses connecting us to the world all around us. Although children receive sensory input from many different sources in their developing world, there is no greater influence on sensory messaging than that which comes from Mom and Dad. Yet, the sensory "love signature" of each parent is so unique that, if there is a deficit from one parent, it cannot be made up by the other. What is Dad's role in sensory impute?

Fathers Speaking Words of Life
Speaking Words of Life to children is a foundational precept for the Growing Families community of parents. What does your everyday parenting language sound like? What kind of words are echoed throughout your  home, neighborhood, or around your workplace? Are you characterized by speaking words of life to your children, or speaking words of death? Do you accent virtue or accent vice? 

The Power of a Fathers Handwritten Note 
Receiving an uplifting, handwritten note from Dad is one of the most powerful forms of encouragement a father can give his children, because it is one of the surest ways of letting his children know they belong in Daddy’s world. And that is always meaningful!

Fathers, Children and "Open Window" Moments
If a father can prove himself trustworthy during the vulnerable moments in the early years, such as during the “open window” moments, when he shows himself to be a good listener, the future reward is a son or daughter who will confide in him, seeking his wisdom and friendship.


A Father's Touch and Gender Implication
The touch of a mother and father are unique sensory signatures, and both have profound gender implications that cannot be minimized or duplicated by the other.

How Our Mood Sets the Moment
It is precisely because parents present themselves as ever-present role models throughout their children’s growing up years that the prevailing moods and patterns of speech displayed by Mom and Dad will often become their children’s guiding light.




The Smallest Moments and Lasting Impressions
When a father listens with all his senses it makes a world of difference to a child.