The Three Prevailing Influences on a Healthy Home Environment
The prescription for a healthy home environment requires that parents gain understanding of the three prevailing influences that shape every child’s destiny. 

As it was from the Beginning
Scrolling narrative of the journey of Marriage from Man's creation to the deception in the garden of Eden. However, the Story of mankind and marriage does not end in judgment or shame. For out of His Heart of Love, God set out to rescue man and re-establish the priority of marriage a symbol of God's love. 

When Do You Become a Complete Family? The husband-wife relationship is a complete relationship, thus marriage forms a complete family. Children do not complete or make the family; they expand it.

Marriage and Childhood Security
There are certain aspects of the husband-wife relationship that children need to witness routinely, such as Mom and Dad enjoying each other as friends, not just parents. Anything less, is less for the children.

How the Family is Put Together
Priority family relationships are not arbitrary; they are not dictated by circumstances or social fads. Relationships within the family function best when each relationship is valued according to their purpose and God's design.

Speaking Words of Life
"Honey, please give me understanding."